T2 with a new venture!

T2 is embarking on an exciting new direction with significant changes to its offerings. From now on, T2 Bar will be open every day, and the building will house both a restaurant and a bar. The old T2 invitation to enjoy Mexican-inspired cuisine, live entertainment, and perhaps Ålesund's most popular outdoor seating will continue to be a part of the experience.

Now, when you visit T2, you have two options: You can enjoy the Mexican restaurant, which is open from Wednesday to Sunday. But every day, you can also drop by for a beer, relax, listen to good music, participate in weekly "speed friending" events, Thursday quizzes, and play some billiards or pinball. T2 Bar and Stage also serves as a concert venue for various performances and events.

T2 Rockbar - Open every day

"We are not just a byproduct of the Mexican restaurant," emphasizes David Langa, the general manager who took on his role in October after moving here from Madrid in March, driven by love. The new vision for T2 extends beyond just concerts and events. "This place has significant potential, which we have mainly utilized during events. But now, I want people to be able to enjoy this beautiful place at any time."

This extended vision manifests itself through the Åleråkk festival, an exciting creation by Sam Asgari, David Langa, and Maiken Aas. The festival, taking place from January 19 to 20, promises a unique experience with six different bands over two days. To enhance the festival experience, the terrace of the restaurant section will feature a dedicated Molo beer bar. Rumors are circulating that Molo will brew a special beer exclusively for this occasion. Festival tickets are available on Tikkio, so hurry and purchase for two days of music, activities, and an atmosphere that goes beyond the ordinary!

Sam Asgari, 29 years old, booking manager, and bartender, comes from the punk scene in Oslo and also moved to Ålesund for love. He brings experiences from Ocean in Oslo and shares his desire to turn Ålesund into the ultimate rock destination: "Ålesund has potential. There are many people in the city and on the surrounding islands who both like and deserve to listen to cool music." He emphasizes the importance of including a part of the population that feels underrepresented and points out that T2 welcomes everyone, regardless of whether they wear a leather jacket or not.

T2 has taken an exciting turn with its renewed identity and expanded offerings. With T2 Bar and Stage now open every day, everyone is invited to join in, rock out, and have a bit of fun!

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